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COOSA software


COOSA (Carbon diOxide System Analyzer) is a computer program for the design or review of CO2 fire suppression systems. Calculations are based on two phase flow through balanced and unbalanced steel piping systems in accordance with NFPA 12. For high or low pressure, total flooding or local application of C02, piping is sized automatically or manually.

COOSA is available for Windows as well as DOS. The 3.X series for Windows and the 2.X series for DOS. COOSA was developed by professional fire protection engineers, mathematicians and programmers, and written in “C++” to provide full screen data entry and editing of system design criteria. COOSA permits easy entry of data on the screen, individual and global data changes, quick calculations and easy modification of data for recalculation. Results are also displayed on the screen, printed and saved.

In the last few years we have seen a resurgence of C02 as the agent of choice for many systems, C02 piping systems for local or total flooding applications are relatively simple radial arrangements supplied by a group of cylinders (high pressure) or a refrigerated tank (low pressure). Discharge is through nozzles having orifice sizes calculated to meter the proper release of C02.

COOSA sizes piping automatically, using the smallest pipes for nozzles, with branch and main pipe sizes at least as large as downstream piping (except at cylinders where dip tubes and valves will be smaller than the header). Pipe sizes are limited only by the Y-Z tables of NFPA-12, and desired pipe sizes can be “forced”.

You will be able to determine the size and number of cylinders or tanks, the pipe sizes, nozzle orifice sizes, the pressure at each point, the flow rate in each pipe and the discharge time for low pressure or high pressure systems.

COOSA runs effectively on Personal Computers purchased over the last three years using any version of Windows or DOS 5.0 or higher with a hard disk at least 640k of memory and a printer.¤. Experienced designers can learn to use COOSA in a few hours. For older computers, contact HRS Systems, Inc. to verify specifications.

Experienced designers can learn to use COOSA in a few hours.

WARNING: C02 systems produce lethal concentrations of gas when used for fire suppression. System design must include safety precautions to prevent release in occupied areas or migration into occupied areas, either accidentally or during a fire. NFPA-12 should be thoroughly reviewed and recommendations followed with regard to C02 system design and related hazards.

Now that designers are using C02 more frequently for gaseous fire suppression systems, COOSA gives you a way to save time and money.

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